Request for Quotation: Landscaping Services

The County is seeking to engage professional landscape services to provide lawncare and maintenance to flower beds at specific properties owned by the Municipality, being:

  • The Municipal Administration Building (285 Beech Hill Road)
  • The County Courthouse (172 Main Street)

This will include, but is not limited to mowing, trimming, lining, weeding, mulching, pruning, fertilizing, and all other tasks necessary to ensure that the municipal properties identified above continue to thrive. This may include the potential expansion or development of new gardens/parks and their continued maintenance for the duration of this contract. 

The project duration is 24 weeks (May 23 – November 7), and the estimated level of effort expected is up to 8-10 hours per week at peak season.

For full details, click here: RFQ Landscaping Services

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