Hurricane Preparedness

Nova Scotia is entering the height of hurricane season, and now is the time for residents to prepare for these extreme weather events.

A hurricane’s strong winds and heavy rain can cause power outages, storm surges, flooding and property damage. People can get ready in advance by:

    • having an emergency kit with food, water, medications, important documents and supplies to last for several days
    • preparing property by trimming trees, securing loose items, and clearing gutters and storm drains
    • making a plan for their families now, before one is needed.

For more information on what you should include in your kit and things to include in your plan visit:

The Canadian Red Cross outlines steps you and your family can take to be ready for a storm
Hurricanes: Before, During & After

The Province of Nova Scotia
Hurricane Safety Tips

Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilties/Special Needs
Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities/Special Needs

Updates and tips from Nova Scotia’s emergency management office are available at:
X (formerly Twitter):

Comfort Centres

Antigonish has a list of potential comfort centres that could open in the event of prolonged power outages. It is important that you and your family are prepared to stay in your home for up to 72 hours before a Comfort Centre may open. In the event of an emergency, the list Comfort Centres that are open, including hours of operation, will be posted to this to the Countys Website as well as Facebook and X (Twitter)

Comfort Centre List Antigonish County
Comfort Centre List Antigonish Town


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