Garbage Collection

In the Municipality of the County of Antigonish, GARBAGE and ORGANICS are collected every week.
Residents are reminded that it is their responsibility to keep garbage/recyclable boxes clean and in usable repair.

During the winter months, it is extremely important to ensure that snow removal around garbage/recyclables boxes is undertaken by residents to provide access for collection.

Wondering what day your garbage and organics will be collected?

Eastern Region Solid Waste Management, sponsored in part by Divert NS, has created a Collection Calendar to help you find the answer.

When you enter your civic address a Waste Collection Calendar will be created specific to your address. There is an option for you to print the Collection Calendar or you can sign up to receive a reminder the day before or the day of your collection. There are several options for receiving a reminder, so check it out and sign up today! If you sign up for reminders, you will also receive special notices for events and waste collection route changes.

What else is new? A Waste Wizard has been created. Wondering if a particular material is garbage or recyclable, just click on the link: Waste Wizard and enter the name of the material you are wondering about and the Waste Wizard will tell you if the item is recyclable, garbage or compostable.

Waste Collection Calendar

The calendar below is created specific to your civic address and is currently active for residents with curbside collection in the Municipality of the County of Antigonish.

Curb/Roadside Garbage Collection

Any items that are not deemed as being recyclable or compostable, and have not been banned from the landfill can be placed at curbside in clear bags for collection. A maximum of three (3) garbage bags per household per week can be placed at curbside. Garbage bags should not exceed 40 lbs.

Some examples of HHW include cleaning products, paint and solvents, oil and other lubricants, pesticides, herbicides, and pool chemicals. ‘Empty’ containers can go in with your regular household garbage.

A list of materials BANNED from Disposal Sites in Nova Scotia can be found at:

Materials Banned From Disposal Sites in Nova Scotia

Holiday Collection Schedule

It is the Policy of the Municipality of the County of Antigonish that garbage, organics and recyclables are collected as normal on all holidays throughout the year except for the following:

Good Friday, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Garbage and organics normally collected on these days will be collected one week later on the regular day for collection.

Recyclables normally collected on these days will be collected 2 weeks later on the regular day for collection.

The Beech Hill Solid Waste Resource Management Facility is closed on all holidays throughout the year.

What happens if my regular garbage, compost and recyclables collection is cancelled due to weather conditions?

Weather conditions sometimes requires the cancellation of collection for garbage, compost and recyclables. When this happens, garbage and compost will be collected one week later on regular collection day.

Recyclables will be collected two weeks later on the regular collection day.

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