On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, Municipal Council approved its $17,630,000 2022/23 Municipal Operating Budget and $3,000,000 Capital Budget.

Municipal Council approved the budget with no increases to the residential tax rate, commercial tax rate or sewer rates. Warden Owen McCarron stated “The Municipality continues to be a strong financial steward, demonstrated by our ability to invest in municipal operations and infrastructure, pay down debt, and maintain one of the most competitive tax rates in the province, both residential and commercial.”

Some of the major expenses included in this year’s budget include mandatory contributions to education which accounts for 22.3% of the budget and protective services which accounts for 21.8% of the budget.  Like all municipalities, Antigonish County has and is experiencing upward pressure on its expenses as prices continue to climb.  Assessment growth and mitigating measures have allowed the County to continue to invest in the community while maintaining the residential, commercial and resource tax rates.

Highlights of the budget include:

  • The residential rate will remain at $0.88 per $100 of assessment. This is among the lowest rates in Nova Scotia and the thirteenth consecutive year that it has not increased.
  • The commercial rate will remain at $1.44 per $100 of assessment. The Municipality remains the lowest commercial tax jurisdiction in the Province of Nova Scotia.
  • Residential municipal sewer rates will remain at $316.29/unit.
  • Interest rate is 6% per annum.

Key Initiatives include:

  • Low Income Property Tax Exemption has been increased so that households earning less than $33,000 can receive up to $300 toward their property taxes.
  • Approximately $560,000 in grants and contributions to support community groups and projects.
  • Purchase of a new garbage truck and a new snow plow / salt spreader.
  • Improvements to the Beech Hill Transfer Station
  • Improvements to the Court House
  • Investments in Active Transportation and Renewable Energy.
  • Replacement of the Trunk 7 watermain between Keating Court and Lower West River Road.
  • Continued support of the People’s Place Library, Antigonish Arena, Antigonish Heritage Museum, Antigonish Affordable Housing, Lifeguard services at Bayfield Beach, St. Martha’s Hospital Foundation, Strait Area Search & Rescue and Beaver Mountain Park among other community facilities and service.

We are working on several other initiatives with community partners which will be announced as we prepare to launch them.

Tax-bills will be in the mail this week and are due on July 8, 2022.



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