Broadband Updates: Addresses Ready to Connect

It is an exciting day in Antigonish County, we have close to 500 new addresses that are now able to connect to Bell’s FIBE service.  This was made possible through Develop Nova Scotia’s Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative. 

Here is the update we received this morning from Bell:

We appear to be in the home stretch on the Phase 1 projects (Malignant Cove and Goshen) as most of the NS Power work is now completed.

For Goshen – Bell completed 2 of the 4 fibre serving areas in December for a total of 281 civic addresses. There are 12 outstanding civics in these two areas to complete in February. The remaining two areas should be completed in January with the exception of 12 civics which will be completed in February.

For the Doctor’s Brook/Malignant cove project – Bell completed 2 FSA and for a total of 214 new civics with access to fibre service. Bell is planning on completing the remaining areas in January and then picking up any partial areas in February.

To view the civic address that are now eligible for the Bell service click here:

Phase 1 Malignant Cove Project Civic Addresses Ready to Receive Service

Phase 2 Goshen Project Civic Addresses Ready to Receive Service

To speak to a Bell representative about acquiring service please call: 1-844-410-9668.

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