Antigonish Emergency Fuel Fund

What is the Antigonish Emergency Fuel Fund?

The Antigonish Emergency Fuel Fund seeks to offer limited, emergency financial support to low income individuals and households that are unable to pay the full cost of heating their homes during the winter season. Through the Fuel Fund, individuals and families may apply for help with their heating costs, which includes oil, electricity, and wood. The Fund serves residents in the Town and County of Antigonish.

The Antigonish Fuel Fund is not a subsidy.

Lending a Hand in Times of Emergency

While poverty exists in many forms, one of the prominent social challenges of this century is Energy Poverty. Energy Poverty is defined as the inability of individuals and families to adequately meet their heating needs during the winter season.

  • The prime reasons for this concern are:
  • Increasing costs of fuels (electricity, oil, and, wood)
  • Rising food prices often leave a challenging choice between “heat versus eat”
  • The rise in the number of low-income individuals and families
What is a Heating Emergency?

A heating emergency exists when a household will run out of heat within 48 hours.
Examples include:

  • Disconnection notices from Nova Scotia Power / Town of Antigonish
  • Oil tank gauges reading empty
  • Wood supplies running out
Do I Qualify for Assistance?

Assistance may be offered to individuals living in the Town and County of Antigonish who meet the following maximum family income criteria and are in a heating emergency:

  • Single adult with children $40,000
  • Low-income family $40,000
  • Disabled individual $25,000
  • Senior individuals $25,000

Applicants are eligible to apply once during the heating season. Only one application per household will be considered.

A copy of your most recent Income Tax Return as proof of income is required.

Can I Still Apply if My Income Has Changed Since Filing My Tax Return?

Yes, but you will have to provide proof of the change to your household income.

Can I Get Help Year After Year?

Yes. If you accessed the Antigonish Emergency Fuel Fund in previous years, you may still apply for assistance.

Applicants may be disqualified from receiving assistance in the future if at the time of fuel delivery it is discovered they are not in a heating emergency. Meaning, the applicant has sufficient fuel to heat his or her home.

What are the Dates of the Fuel Fund Program?

The program runs from January to April.

How Can I Apply?

For more information or to apply, please contact:

Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre
219 Main Street, Suite 204
Antigonish, NS B2G 2C1

Phone: 902-863-6221


Is More Help Available?

Yes, individuals who meet the maximum family income criteria can also receive a Home Winterizing Kit, which includes shrink-wrap and caulking for windows and doors to help prevent heat loss.

Please contact the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre to request a kit. Kits are available for pick up in October.

There may also be funds available through the Salvation Army Good Neighbour Energy Fund and the Nova Scotia Provincial Heating Assistance Rebate. Applications for these programs are available at the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre.

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